CSI Ventures offers investing in alternative investments, other asset classes, and provides customized alternative direct investment advisory services.

  • Diversifying your Direct Investment Portfolio
  • Planning a Successful Retirement
  • Helping Preserve Wealth for Future Generations
  • Finding Alternative Investments that Maximize Returns
  • Combining your Philanthropic and Alternative Investment Goals
  • Advising on Specific Asset Classes including Real Estate, Private Equity, and Alternative Direct Investments


CSI Ventures provides highly personalized wealth management services to meet the unique needs of individuals and families with over $2 million in assets. 

  • Investment Plan is Built to Meet Specific Client Needs and Adjusted to Reflect Evolving Financial Scenarios
  • Provide Superb Due Diligence for Alternative Direct Investments Opportunities
  • Direct Investment Allocation is a Balance of Calculated Risk and Long-Term High Yield Return
  • Implement a Successful Direct Investment Plan to Achieve Optimal Returns
  • Continue to Monitor the Alternative Direct Investments Asset Allocation for Future Wealth Building Opportunities


With over 20 years of experience and a deep commitment to your needs, CSI Ventures will help address diverse personal wealth management challenges

  • Maintain Alternative Investment Asset Allocation for Highest Long-Term Investment Returns
  • Provide Tax and Estate Planning Strategies for Long-Term Wealth
  • Diversify Alternative Investment Risk
  • Protect Financial Interests of Family Wealth
  • Consult on the Valuation of Alternative Investment Assets